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Audio Video System to Give You Goosebumps

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“Have you ever gotten goose bumps as you watched a movie in a theater,” this audio retail chain asks on its Web site. “That same sensory experience is what we can help you create—right in the comfortof your own home.” Established in Oklahoma City in 1983, with a focus on custom installation and customer service, Audio Dimensions is driven to exceed every client expectation. Its team includes six installers and an in-house certified Crestron programmer. Today, custom installs and system integration comprise 80 percent of Audio Dimensions’ business, and it has expanded operations with stores throughout Oklahoma with locations in Arkansas, Kansas and Tennessee. The secret to its success: “Customer care is not just lip service; every day matters,” says Don Doss, general manager of the Little Rock store.

This extensive project is located in Little Rock’s Hickory Hills and is “a true original,” Doss beams. The property is about 18,000 square feet in total and includes, in addition to the main house, two garages and a pool house. In the main house, a 50-inch Pioneer Elite plasma was tucked behind a media mirror over the fireplace. The team worked with a designer who created a frame for the mirror, which is not your typical two-way affair, as it allows more light to pass through. Even the main garage has a 61-inch plasma screen with computer access. The owner was ultimately interested in an outdoor projection system near the pool, which is surrounded by remarkable landscaping and rolling hills—the perfect backdrop for an outdoor theater system. But outdoor installs are notorious in the business; they throw a host of limitations and environmental obstacles at the best installers. The Audio Dimensions’ team, however, was undaunted. “We wanted as big and bold a system as we could possibly get,” Doss says.

The result is a 220-inch screen from Stewart Filmscreen, which Audio Dimensions encased in a huge aluminum box that’s weatherproof because it is snuggled into the soffit of the house. “We had to remove, reframe and retouch the copper guttering to seamlessly blend the box we built to accommodate the screen and heavy-duty projection unit,” Doss explains. That was tough, but the most challenging install was the two-story pool house. This phase integrated Crestron automation, lighting, Pioneer Elite plasma screens,  B&W surround-sound systems and two additional surround-sound arrays. It cost between $400,000 and $500,000 and took a whole year. Due to construction, wiring got tricky. The team had to wire ahead of schedule and figure out a way to provide wiring from the pool house to the main house.

“We are getting more requests for weather-proof TVs,” Doss says. “The client had a general desire for this for years but didn’t know how to achieve it. Now we can deliver a system that truly brings everything together. The clients adore the pool area system. That first night we brought the screen down, the client and the family was so excited. It’s called the ‘dive-in movie!’”

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