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Installing whole-home audio and home theater is always a challenging task. But imagine trying to do it in an already-existing New York City apartment where the homeowners are militant about maintaining an elegant, modern design. Fortunately, these homeowners had a designer who knew about Stereo Exchange, which has been finishing jobs like this for years.

“Anything in New York City is difficult,” says Steve Zarrell, custom sales manager for Stereo Exchange. And clients are aware of that. But Zarrell has a way of making prospective customers comfortable and assuring them that the job will get done right.

The owners of this Central Park West apartment were looking to upgrade it with multi-room audio and video and had a designer who was very aesthetically conscious. “They wanted something very, very elegant looking, with speakers in the ceilings,” he says.

Stereo Exchange

While they were wary that such a job could be completed without impacting the look and feel of the home, Zarrell introduced them to possibilities they didn’t even know about, such as speakers that actually compliment the look they were going for and hiding the components in a closet and controlling them using a universal remote. The homeowners were surprised by how easy everything was to use.

“That’s our specialty. If you want to simplify your life, we’re good at that,” Zarrell says. “Ultimately, we are very good at integrating audio and video and other sub control systems, and we tie it together seamlessly and make it intuitive to use.”

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There’s now music and TV at the touch of a button in most of the home, and that’s how it most enhances the clients’ lives. But it wasn’t easy, Zarrell says. The most difficult challenge was pleasing the clients and their demanding designer, but it’s something Stereo Exchange does every day. “They were meticulous and fastidious in what they wanted,” he says. “I designed it with a designer to work hand-in-hand, and everything was vetted with the client so we had to pass along what everything would look like.”

Did Stereo Exchange pass the challenge? If the breathtaking pictures don’t do the job justice, then it helps to know Stereo Exchange has received two new jobs since, via recommendations from this client.

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