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Review: McIntosh MPV881 Blu-ray Player

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We love the McIntosh brand, though most people will think of it as primarily an audio brand that makes great amplifiers. The company also offers a reference-level Blu-ray player. Here Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity put one through its paces:

McIntosh is one of the most distinctive, and iconic, brands in all of Hi-Fi. Sporting a look that seemingly has never changed, they are most well known for their two channel amps and preamps, but also have a full line of home theater components as well. Their MVP881 Universal Blu-ray player is a disc player that can handle virtually any format you throw at it with an analog section designed by McIntosh. How would it stack up against some other universal Blu-ray players?

So how’s it perform?

Moving onto Blu-ray performance, the first impression that the MVP881 makes is that it’s a bit slow compared to other current players. Load times for most discs that I tested were often a minute or more behind other players, and menu navigation was pokey as well. Once a film started then everything was fine, but it just took a while to get there compared to other players.

…On the MVP881 the image was sharp and clear, as you’d expect from a Pixar title on Blu-ray, and the lossless soundtrack exploded from the speakers, bringing you inside the racecars on the track. Aside from the loading time, films looked and sounded fantastic on the MVP881.

Read the complete review here at Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity.

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