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With relatives traveling from near and far and seasonal parties filling up the dates on the calendar, the holidays are always the busiest time of the year around the house.

It’s times like these when companies like South Tampa-based Audio Visions South can really make a difference by helping to turn your hectic holiday frenzy into a festive—and stress-free—family affair.

Celebrating its 25h anniversary this year, Audio Visions South has become a fixture in the Tampa Bay community by continually ensuring that its clients get the most enjoyment possible from the time they spend at home.

If there’s ever a time for people to enjoy their home, it’s during the holidays. With children enjoying time off from school for winter break and relatives coming to visit from out of town, the home is sure to become the focal point of the holiday season. Shouldn’t it be prepared for the job?

With nearly three decades of experience at designing and installing fully customized home systems, the staff at Audio Visions South can provide a solution for any problem you might have, and will always find a way to help you better enjoy your time at home.

Several years ago, a couple living in South Tampa approached Audio Visions South with a specific goal: They wanted to add the entertainment value of a front projection system to their home without disturbing the aesthetic appeal of their beautifully decorated family room.

After spending time with the home owners and surveying the house, the staff at Audio Visions South set out to provide exactly what its clients were looking for. The result was a stunning system that, when inactive, is hardly noticeable. When it’s time for a movie, however, a hidden compartment containing a top-of-the-line Runco projector rises from a fully customized coffee table and a 100-inch Stewart Filmscreen descends from the ceiling to instantly turn their elegantly styled family room into a popcorn-worthy home cinema that’s second to none.

On the other hand, if you would rather have a home theater room in which the entertainment system is the decoration, you could emulate the end result of an Odessa resident who enlisted the help of Audio Visions South when designing his system. When entering this client’s home theater, there are no questions as to the purpose of the room. One entire wall is dominated by a giant 144-inch screen, complete with thick fabric theater curtains. Flanking the enormous screen is a pair of equally imposing Wilson Audio MAXX speakers, further accentuating the extravagance of the system.

Clients looking for a happy medium between these two extremes can follow a path similar to that of an Audio Visions South client from Davis Island. This customer wanted to combine their home theater area with their main living area to create a room that met all the family’s home entertainment needs while still providing a comfortable place to relax at the end of the day. The result features a plush leather sectional that wraps around the room, providing ample seating to simply relax or to enjoy movies on the 120-inch screen and Sony projector.

Even if you’re happy with your current system, Audio Visions South can help eliminate hassles and allow you to better enjoy your home entertainment. Are you tired of having to find and use multiple remotes just to watch TV or play some music? With the addition of a Crestron home control system, Audio Visions South can help make every aspect of your home, from television and music to lighting and temperature control, accessible from a single touch panel remote.

Thanks to the personal attention provided by its experienced sales staff and the commitment to quality from its detail-oriented installation specialists, there is one constant that keeps Audio Visions South customers coming back for more. Just ask Marguerite Harrod, who first hired Audio Visions South more than 10 years ago and remains a loyal customer to this day.

“The performance is the best part,” Harrod says. “The systems installed by Audio Visions South just look and sound better than other systems I’ve heard.”

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