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Custom Theater Produces Movie Night Magic

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Custom Home Theater

by Arlen Schweiger/Electronic House

This home theater certainly puts the custom in custom electronics. From the design details to the personalized programmed scenes, all of this homeowner’s requests were granted as one could only hope for in a home theater.

“This dedicated theater is completely custom designed, and the owner loves it,” says Ryan Lipkovicius of Southern California-based Audio Impact, which did the installation. “The home is custom, the theater is custom and the chairs are custom. The theater has a custom fabricated stage and woodwork around it.”

In terms of audio and video performance, we’re sure the homeowner’s pretty happy with how that turned out as well. A Sony Qualia 004 projector beams onto an acoustically transparent screen from Screen Research. Hidden behind the screen and in the walls is a surround-sound system consisting of Triad speakers. Sound treatment hidden behind the fabric walls and on other areas of the room, including the ceiling, help optimize the audio quality.

Along with the A/V, the lighting and controls help produce some movie night magic. The home features a Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system, and when the touchscreen remote is used for watching TV or a movie, at the press of a button the lights automatically dim and the curtain opens up to reveal the screen. Roman shades by the attached bar area can also be lowered or raised on command from the remote.

lutron homeworks

Then there’s the extra pizazz of the room itself. “The best part of the theater is the hidden door at which you enter,” says Lipkovicius. “The door from the living room looks like it is part of the wood paneling design of the room. If you push on it, it opens up into the theater entrance.”

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