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Niles DS Soundfield Ceiling Speakers

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Niles DS7FX-body

By Liz Palacios/Home Entertainment

The DS Directed Soundfield Clieling Mount is an, updated loudspeaker line by Niles. This easy-to-install ceiling mount loudspeaker offers audiophile performance and unobtrusive aesthetics.

The speakers blend into environments easily because they feature paintable, low profile, magnetically attached grilles. The good sound quality comes from Niles’ patented pivoting tweeter and woofer technologies.

This is the third generation of the company’s acclaimed Direct Soundfield loundspeakers.

The grilles are built to be  durable. They are rust resistant—they can handle moisture-prone areas such as saunas, bathrooms, and outdoor under eaves.

The loudspeakers also feature spring-loaded mounting clamps that compensate for high heat and humidity.

To learn more about the complete lineup of Niles’ new DS Directed Soundfield Ceiling Mount Speakers, please visit

Niles DS7FX-body

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