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Review: Sony STR-DA36000ES Receiver

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sony STRDA3600ES writer Sean Killebrew likes the Sony STR-DA36000ES receiver. In a review (which you can read in full here) he calls it “bulletproof” and sounded good right out of the box, but benefited from the built-in auto-calibration feature. This particular model is a 7.1 system, ready to 3D TVs with HDMI 1.4 jacks and includes RS-232, IR and IP control, which makes hooking it up to something like a Control4 or Savant system easy for integrators.

Some of the highlights Killebrew called out were the network services Shoutcast and Rhapsody (though he lamented the lack of Pandora) and the ample assortment of inputs. Curiously, he noted that, for an ES-level product, the speaker binding posts didn’t seem cut out for high-end speaker wire. You’ll have to check that out for yourself.

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