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Often the impact of a home theater is about more than how it performs when everything is up and running. It’s also about how everything looks when the audio and video equipment is off. Providing pleasing aesthetics was one of the goals of a recent theater installation by Audio Advice in Raleigh, N.C. The homeowner wanted to create a comfortable theater room with equipment as inconspicuous as possible, and for the room to be easy for the entire family to use while enjoying sports and movies.

“The goal was to create a comfortable, movie theater-like ambience with a blend of warm and dark tones and without the obvious intrusion of lots of gear,” said the homeowner. The overall room size was small so the main challenge was to keep the room open and inviting while using theater features such as columns, risers and a screen wall to provide the most impact.

Audio Advice also used recessed component racks and in-wall speakers in order to maximize space and to improve the look of the room. While the homeowner was surprised by the system’s ease of use and quality of sound, he was particularly pleased with the excellent finish of cabinetry and the quality of the trim and acoustic paneling.

The in-wall speakers used by Audio Advice (including subwoofers) were concealed with acoustic panels and finished cabinetry. The component cabinet was recessed into the mechanical room with only faceplates of audio video components visible at the rear of the theater. Small columns were used to make the room appear wider and to provide a distinctive look.

Audio Advice Home TheaterThe depth of the screen wall was only nine inches and all speakers were built into the wall and used back boxes to keep the theater from feeling closed in. “The electronics’ visibility was minimized by using a recessed component cabinet, by the in-wall speakers, and with the decorative acoustic panels,” said the homeowner. “The theater room provides an ideal gathering place for our family and friends to enjoy movies and sports events.”Audio Advice Home Theater

The homeowner chose Audio Advice because of its experience with high-end custom installations, its longevity in the marketplace and its unmatched reputation. Keegan, the system consultant, coordinated an integrated team approach to the installation in conjunction with the contractor.

“The homeowner knew what he wanted and what was important to his family,” said Keegan. “We helped direct choices within that framework so the homeowner could get a maximum return on his investment while meeting his family’s needs.”

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